Welcome to Our Website 2.0

We have updated and improved our website with the idea of making it easier to navigate. We’ve rewritten and reorganized most all our content and added the latest information and reports.

One other major change/improvement relates to the visibility on smartphones and tablets – our website is compatible with these devices. To access the Main Menu items on these devices, look for the “stacked” lines in the upper left portion of the website, clicking on this icon will reveal the various menu tabs on our website.

The main menu items are quite like the old website, but there are significant changes to the sub-menus. Here is a listing of the current menu and sub-menu items with explanations and content that you’ll find in each section:

  • Welcome
    • Gives you navigation information and content of the other menu items and sub-menus
  • About Us
    • CCBC History
      • Traces our roots and how we came into existence and identifies the many changes the passing of 70+ years have brought to our community, the lower island and our facility
      • Provides commentary and explanation of our legal structure and what this structure means in terms of our operations and financing, including not-for-profit status really means in terms of our accumulating surpluses and other assets.
    • New Building
      • Identifies the New Building Committee structure, mandate and terms of reference
      • Provides updates to the various strategies that we have used to plan for the renewal of our facility
      • Updates to the renewal process with progress on our applications to Saanich.
    • Badminton
      • Provides some history of the success that those athletes who learned to play the game at Cordova Bay and those who honed their skills with our coaches to reach personal goals on the larger stage of provincial, national and international standings and titles.
  • Court Schedule
    • This is where you’ll find the calendar which shows the available court times and those of the drop-in programs.
    • There are also the rules and procedures for making court time reservations
  • Administration
    • Constitution and Bylaws
      • The current constitution and bylaws that are in effect for our society.
      • As mentioned earlier, the province has made significant changes to the Societies Act which means we will be reviewing our constitution and bylaws and make recommended changes in order that we comply with the revised Societies Act. The revised constitution and bylaws will be presented to the membership at our AGM in June 2018
    • Board of Directors
      • Here you will find the current members of the board with information as to their election date and the end date of their current term.
    • Finances
      • In-Year financial reports prepared for the Directors
      • Information on the National Sports Trust Fund that allows us to accept financial contributions and provide the donor to receive Income Tax deductible receipts
    • AGM
      • Information on the current (upcoming) AGM – Minutes of prior year AGM; Agenda for current year AGM and the Society’s annual financial statements.
      • You will also find information related to the previous years AGM
  • CBCC Membership
    • Membership
      • Information on the membership rules and the amount of the fees.
    • Application/Renewal Form
      • On-line application form
  • Photo Gallery
    • Recent photos of activities that have involved the facility and the volunteers who make these activities happen.
  • In Memory of…
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